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PE & Sports Grant

PE & Sports Grant

Sports Premium Case Study 2016-2017

The Raleigh School has now been in receipt of Sports Premium funding for 3 years totalling £29,530.

We pride ourselves on being very successful at sport, participating in a wide range of activities such as:
Golf, Tennis, Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming, Biathlon, Dance, Tag Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Judo, Basketball where we promote good sportsmanship alongside competition!

It is our intention this year to spend our allocation of  Sports Premium money primarily on gymnastics and dance.  Last year we were able to secure the services of a qualified dance instructor who was able to inspire boys and girls from years 1 to 6 with her unique dance workshops tailored to fit with the topics being taught in each year group. 

So successful and popular were her lessons that we plan to employ her services again this year.  Teachers are always present in the dance lessons to take notes and a copy of the lesson plans are with the school so that teachers can deliver them in future years.  This has proven to be a very popular investment and made a huge difference to PE last year.

Gymnastics is taught throughout the school but this year we would like to improve the quality of our gym lessons by providing CPD to all teachers.  We are proposing to buy in the expertise of a gymnastics instructor to show staff how to use our extensive gymnastics equipment to its full potential and to provide lesson plans ensuring all children are given the opportunity to develop key skills in gymnastics and build their core strength.

Newer and bigger mats are also a priority as the new cheerleading club means they are being used twice as often in the week now and the children need more safe space to move around on.  

How it made a difference last year?

As a direct result of our dance instructor last year we were very successful in the Surrey's Got Talent competition.  We took part in the Surrey Sports Dance Festival  because our dance instructor was able to teach and choreograph a fantastic dance routine that was recognised at the festival for its unique and slick routine.  It was suggested we enter the Surrey's Got Talent competition and made it through to the final where we came third. Dance was put firmly on the map at the Raleigh last year.  Routines taught in class workshops were often used in class assemblies and at the summer fair giving children the opportunity to showcase what they had learned and enjoyed.

We also near-doubled the size of our playground providing a bigger area for sport to be played at school during the winter months when the playing field is out of use.    Children have a wider area to run around in.  We canvassed opinion throughout the school and have had a hockey pitch and basketball court marked out on the new area so that these sports can be added to the curriculum and clubs list.  The list of sports clubs has increased and participation in extra-curricular sport has risen too.  Over 50% of the children represented the Raleigh School in a sporting activity last year.  As a result of that and other significant markers in sport, such as leadership opportunities, the school was awarded its Gold Mark in October 2015, a huge improvement on its Bronze Mark a year earlier.