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Emergency Closures

Please see below the current advice provided by Surrey County Council regarding emergency school closures:

Emergency school closures

  • Schools should aim to remain open as far as possible.
  • However, in extreme circumstances, where the safety of pupils may be compromised, schools will need to consider a full or partial closure.
  • Is it possible to open for certain year groups, or to run a shortened day?
  • Where staff are available, as many children as possible should be provided for.
  • The decision to close should be taken by the Headteacher, usually in partnership with the Chair of Governors.
  • Possible reasons for a full or partial closure may include:
    • No heating
    • No water supply
    • No electricity
    • Insufficient staff (eg due to bad weather) to maintain the safety of pupils
    • Severe weather which makes the site and/or surrounding area unsafe
  • If severe weather is forecast, schools should put in place appropriate contingency measures eg gritting pathways etc. If possible, a message could be included in the school newsletter/ on school website to say that severe weather is expected and warning that closure is a possibility.
  • Once the decision to close had been made, the Headteacher should ensure that arrangements are in place to communicate with parents. This may include a combination of:
    • ParentMail or similar system
    • Message on school website (nb – are sufficient members of staff able to update the website remotely?)
    • Message on school answerphone
    • Message on noticeboard outside school
    • Staff manning the gate at the start of the day
    • Message on local radio