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Our SENDCo and contact for Looked After Children is Mrs A Chalk who can be contacted through the school office.

At the Raleigh School we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to reach their true potential.

Through rigorous assessment and clear communication with all school staff, co-ordinated by the SENDCo, we aim to offer the earliest intervention possible. This may be in the form of one to one work, through small group work or support in a whole class environment. Children may be given an individualised support programme (called a SEND Support Arrangement document) tailored to suit their additional needs.

We have excellent relationships with a number of outside agencies who come into school to give additional support to children with significant needs for whom a SEND Support arrangement document is in place. The SENDCo works closely with these agencies and the parents so that we are able to offer a cohesive approach.

At The Raleigh we believe that all children should be able to access all areas of a creative and innovative curriculum which will inspire them to go on to become good citizens.

The provision outlined below reflects our current intake at The Raleigh which is regularly monitored to meet the needs of the children at our school.

Wave 1 Provision or ‘Quality First Teaching’ is the provision that is universal for all children. The majority of students’ needs will be met through this provision as it includes high quality teaching and learning.

Wave 2 or Targeted Provision is additional, time-limited provision, usually in the form of focus groups to ‘close the gap’ in children’s learning or to accelerate targeted individual’s rates of progress following careful analysis of class data by school staff and notification to parents. Any child can benefit from this provision; many of whom do not require a SEND support arrangement document.

Wave 3 or Personalised Provision is specific, targeted interventions for students with SEND who are identified as requiring additional support. This will be put in place when ‘Quality First Teaching’ and ‘Targeted Provision’ are not, on their own, enabling the child to make expected levels of progress. Similar to Wave 2, children will be identified following close inspection of data spreadsheets and parents will be notified.